Athleisure: Fab or fad?

As the month of overeating and sweets is over, most of us are trying to cut our losses. This might imply that you find yourself more in gym clothes than before.

What if we told you that you can wear gym clothes and still look fabulous! Really, don’t believe us? One word, ladies: Atheleisure.

Atheleisure is the assembly of the word athletic and leisure and it’s the movement of wearing comfortable, gym or ‘home’ clothing outside the gym or home. Before this  would be considered as a ‘fashion don’t’ but nowadays a good athleisure outfit is a total ‘Yes please’! As fashion is more and more evolving into an industry that’s also reflecting our actual lives (Just think about the influence of influencers, hence the word), athleisure is just another example of the fashion world adapting to ‘the real world’. Even as the trend is currently losing it’s high speed in the higher echelons of the fashion world for a more casual approach, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate in your life for ease with a fashionista vibe.

So how can I make this happen, you ask? It’s really nothing more than wearing a gym outfit or incorporating gym elements in your day-to-day lives. Wearing a pair of leggings with a nice snuggly sweater, or some baggy track pants with a nice blouse and heels. The ugly sneaker trend? Thank you athleisure!

The most important thing to remember is to find a balance between the gym element and the more dressed-up element for your everyday life. Not all occasions call for a more relaxed look (such as weddings or interviews) but just a normal day at the office or some quality time with girlfriends can be a great time to incorporate some athletic wear in your life.

Wearing an outfit that’s too dressed-up? Add a pair of (ugly) sneakers and rock on! Your leggings and sweater seem a bit too bland for the office? Add a pair of statement earrings and some nice booties and you go girl!

Still not convinced or no idea how to incorporate? Find some inspiration for your looks below.

Still not convinced or no idea how to incorporate? Find some inspiration for your looks below.

So how do you wear the athleisure trend? Do drop us your comments as your style is our inspiration! You’re the ICON!


✒️ Author: Angelica Verhulst

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