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Hermes Birkin Bag

Hermès is a very old yet reliable brand that works to satisfy its customers and provide them with the best quality and latest style. In this article, we shall see more about Hermès' history, their prices, and the evolution they had gone through.


Hermès was established in 1837 as a harness shop that used to aid and serve the noblemen of Europe. Its history dates back to the era of slavery and the undeveloped world. As the owner of a harness shop owner, the founder produced many high-quality harnesses and was well-known for his work. While making harnesses, he started a new venture of designing leather bags. At first, he did all of this to adorn his horse - it will not be a joke if we call the horse his first client. He made all sorts of accessories for the horse like a leather bag, boots, riding hat, etc. The finest oldest bag by Hermès was launched in 1900, which was inspired by the horse. It was a trapezoid-shaped bag, which is near to the ones that are in use these days. Moving on to 1958, Hermès moved to the trim bags. These bags were an origination from the horse bags that are filled with hay. This bag was spacious and could be useful as a mini-picnic kit. Later in 1978, they renovated their ideas and introduced a brushes-set bag that could envelop the sponges as well. After the brushes bag, they introduced a modern bag, in 2008, which was inspired by horses and revealed a natural scenic look that can soothe your eyes. They didn't only stick to the concept of horses but moved on to the latest trends like the strapped bags, clutches, and zippers. Under each regime of different people, Hermès introduced a new variety. (Bags of Luxury 2021)



The prices of Hermès are from $1800 to $400,000. The amounts are quite high and might distract you while buying. But don't forget that you won't get any better than Hermès bags since they are made of pure material and are stitched perfectly. One more thing that adds to Hermès' positive aspects is its designs and innovations. The company is inspired by horses. Hence, they always implement new ideas and themes that delve into the fashion industry like any other stylish designs. Here are a few price ranges of Hermes popular bags:


Hermès Bag Style

Price range

Hermès Evelyn

$1800 - $6000

Hermès Garden Party

$2000 - $3000

Hermès Constance

$4000 - $30000

Hermès Kelly

$9000 - $40000

Hermès Birkin

$9000 - $400000

(Codo Girl 2020)



The rich history of Hermès is evident that they strongly believe in bringing change to the entertainment industry. The evolution of Hermès is commendable. They started from a harness, and today they are a brand with followers all around the globe. They owe their fame and success to the brilliant ideas of their team and their uniqueness. They have worked hard and are continuing to keep up with the expectations and become better and better.




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