The Best Luxurious and Sustainable Christmas Gifts 2022


      Wondering what the best luxurious and sustainable / usefull gift to offer this year? 

      Let us start by saying that you at the right place on Iconics Preloved Luxury. 

      We have selected the most refined and so sustainable items that will make your one or ones truly happy. 

      Sustainble, what does this really mean? To us, sustainability is all about extending the life circle of products and using at the fullest what been produced. 

      You'll agree with us that if we look at things with purity, the most sustainable product is one that hasn't been produced. However, we must be realistic about the fact that if we use and reuse at the fullest what's already there. We are absolutely  being respectful to our beautiful planet. 


      Therefor, The Hermès and Chanel bags we've selected are not only of excellent quality, they are also timeless in style. Imagine Wearing your grand parents Birkin or Kelly? 

      Imagine offering your Cartier watch of the love bracelet to your kids. Wonderful right? Start now.