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As my twin sister and I were always passionated by fashion and even more sustainable fashion since we childhood. I began to visualise

myself combining my other passion of entrepreneurship and fashion but I did not know why. Since time does his work, the solution began to appear clearly and clearly to me. 

This amazing adventure started as Le Laurier Closet in 2016 on the social media. Initially as a “hobby”.

After one year and about 1900 Facebook followers, more than 2100 Instagram followers. We began to make women happy around the globe. First came the USA and Belgium, then came Australia, France, Canada and the Netherlands. I would have never dreamed that we will reach so many ladies in those countries…. the need and the will to expand was obvious.


Le Laurier Closet became ICONICS... 


At ICONICS we believe that every women has the right to express her personality, to feel good about herself, and confident about her presence. We make it our personal mission to help women feel ‘Woman’.

At ICONICS we want to make every woman, every girl and every mother, feel happy about herself, to experience joy & personal fortune, thanks to the iconic items we offer. 

Each item has a story, every item is unique and personal. They are iconic and exclusive, yet affordable and ecological!


We want you as our customer to experience once in a lifetime moment, with class.We want you to create new stories, thanks to that particular iconic item that helps you express yourself.

Women rule the world, why not do it in style ? ;)



Yours truly,

Rosine & Nadine




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