Rosine uwayezu, Founder of iconics preloved Luxury checking an Hèrmes Birking bag

Shopping for preloved luxury items isn't easy.

ICONICS Preloved Luxury knows this and this exactly our reason on existence; to make preloved shopping EASY & FUN for you!  



At ICONICS, we understand the importance of trust.

All of our handbags, shoes, clothing and accessories are inspected for authenticity. We inspect each item that comes in from top to bottom; from the Straps, hardware, clasps, corners, inside linings, to the inside pockets.



We know that with authentication, the devil is in the details. There are nuances particular to each brand that necessitate that we curate meticulously.

The reselling industry is plagued by sellers of counterfeit items, so it is physical end professional authentification essential!


Rosine Uwayezu Iconics Preloved Luxury



When shopping preloved it is helpful to know the provenance or ownership history of a particular item. We do not communicate names of our clients to respect their privacy but most of the bags that we sell are purchased directly from a luxury boutique by our clients. However, we take note of provenance to make sure that the bags that we accept are on top.