Love love love preloved. It could take hours for me to explain why I love preloved but will try to say it in short.  

First, thank you Iconics Preloved Luxury to bringing preloved to us. 

I love preloved because of the joy it procures me every time I get the chance to buy a luxury bag. I used to heat up my American Express in the boutiques but since 2018 I buy twice more handbags then I did before (DOUBLE FUN) thanks to prelooooved.   Besides the fact that I can enjoy more bags and sell them when I don’t use them anymore, I am happy to participate in making our planet a happier and cleaner place by consuming preloved. Totally against Fash fashion I am also happy to sharing concept within the fashion minded community. 

So so… I would love to win this bag!  

Ps: Shout out to you. I’ve bought many bags and hot shoes with Iconics. Great bags and Always got my questions answered…. and oh I looove the personal service you provide girls.  

Much love from Cannes! 
Anika P.